Loveyourself Canada was founded in 2018 in an effort to bring awareness to mental health services and also raise money for local mental health facilities. 

During the last few years of operations we raised over Five Thousand Dollars for local mental health initiatives. 

We are also putting out online awareness content such as public service announcements and resources for the public. 

We have adopted the mindset that supported fear is healthy for the person getting scared, but also for the person doing the scaring.

Recent News! 

Terror Squad 2024

We are looking for volunteers for Terror Squad 2024, a haunted house for mental health!

Click the link below to sign up now!

Angels & Demons

A cartoon PSA called Angels & Demons will tell the story of Demons who realize they are suffering and need help. 

PSA: Fear as Therapy

A New PSA is coming soon on Fear as a form of therapy! 

Our Staff

Our Staff Leads

Justin Husson: President, Project Executive 

Christina Husson: Finance Minister 

Jasmine Duke: Design Manager

Candice Burgo: Aesthetics Manager

Tom Cunningham: Technology Manager

Kenny Trudgeon: Emergency Services Manager

Rob Hansen: Media Manager